Our Boat

Serena Sea is a classic 30’ Egg Harbor wooden picnic yacht.  She was built over 60 years ago, and lovingly restored over the last few years.  She offers our guests comfort, convenience and potentially the best snorkeling adventure available on St. John, certainly the most unique.


Both captains provide special care to Serena Sea throughout the year to make sure she is operating at her very best.  On a regular basis, she is taken out of the water and sent to Tortola so that more detailed work on her beautiful wood can be completed.


The boat is owned by Carolyn and Otmar Thoemmes.  They live on St. John part-time.  When they are on the island, they love taking her out and enjoying her wonderful style. Serena Sea reminds some passengers of the boat used in “Gilligan’s Island,” a 1960s television show in which the boat and its passengers were shipwrecked on a deserted island.
 The boat’s been around St. John for several decades. Bill Hedges, who once owned the Lumberyard Shopping Complex when it was an actual lumberyard, brought the boat down. He sold it to Dan and Marla McClung. McClung used it for charters for a while, then the boat sat on a mooring in Coral Bay until the Thoemmes family bought it.


The boat is perfect for older passengers because it has a swim platform at the stern that makes it easy for them to get into the water for snorkeling or swimming.